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“You might be involved in a tax avoidance scheme”: The HMRC letter received by agency social worker, EL, shortly after joining an umbrella company

Fri Aug 12 2022

Working in the adult social care sector for 25 years, and after spending ten years in permanent social work roles across a number of local authorities, EL decided to move to agency social work. She appointed an umbrella company, through recommendation of her agency, to manage her payroll and was stunned when she received a letter from HMRC to tell her she may be involved in a tax avoidance scheme.

An agency social worker tells her story: Falling foul of unscrupulous umbrella companies

Fri Aug 05 2022

Working in the social care sector for over 25 years, including working as an agency social worker, it took the recent pandemic and illness for LK to truly look at the charges and services her umbrella company provided and why joining Social Work Employment Services gives her peace of mind.

What is an umbrella company and why must I use one?

Thu Jul 28 2022

Agency social workers have a lot to think about when it comes to umbrella companies. CEO and founder of Professional Passport, Crawford Temple, answers some of the most commonly asked questions around holiday pay, rate of pay and expenses.

Agency social workers – finding the umbrella company for you

Tue May 17 2022

Agency social workers - finding the umbrella company for you. Top 10 tips to consider when looking for an umbrella company.