14 frequently asked questions by agency social workers: including answers from our experts on holiday entitlement, sick pay, IR35 and more…

Agency social workers and independent social workers brought their employment, legal, and practice-based questions to a panel of experts from the SWU/BASW Advice and Representation Service and SWU’s Legal Advisor from Morrish Solicitors. The webinar was hosted by the Social Workers Union (SWU)on behalf of the Social Work Employment Services (SWES).

Watch the full webinar -Talk to SWU: SWES workplace issues webinar (recorded 14th September 2022)

Don't want to watch the whole webinar? You can find short clips to some of the individual questions that were asked via our YouTube Channel below:

  1. What are the different agency arrangements for social workers?
  2. What’s the difference between an agency worker, temporary worker and an independent social worker?
  3. Are all of the different agency arrangements affected by the agency work regulations?
  4. Are you entitled to sick pay as an agency social worker employed by an umbrella service?
  5. What is IR35?
  6. Does an agency worker have a right to holiday pay?
  7. Does my agency pay me sick pay as a temporary worker?
  8. What is holiday pay on a rolled up basis?
  9. What is the difference in employment rights as an agency social worker compared to a permanent employee?
  10. Do I have parental rights as an agency social worker?
  11. What protection do you have under the agency workers regulations 2020?
  12. What happens if someone I work with complains about me? What recourse do I have?
  13. What happens if I am injured at work as an agency worker?
  14. What are the pension rights as an agency worker?

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