For agencies

Employment management services.

Partner with Social Work Employment Services (SWES) to access a fully subcontracted employment management solution which takes away the perils and pitfalls of payroll and employment services.

SWES is the UK's only not-for-profit social work umbrella company and was created specifically for professional social workers. This means our agency partners have access to the most reliable, qualified, compliant and insured workforce.

Recent regulation changes and the removal of tax advantages through travel and subsistence arrangements has resulted in traditional umbrella companies no longer delivering the best service and support for agency social workers.

SWES is unique because we partner directly with the Bristish Association of Social Workers (BASW). BASW are a membership organisation representing over 21,000 social workers, providing a wide range of benefits to support them in their practice.

Members of BASW enjoy access to industry leading training and development, advice and representation, insurance and they are committed to the highest standards of practice and ethics.

Get in touch for an informal discussion and to see how we might work together to support independent social workers.